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YM Marketing



Suite Number 1
288 Oxford Street Southern wood

Tel : 043 722 1506
Fax : 043 722 1506
Cell : 073 631 2939
Email :

Communication, Advertising, Market Research, Branding, Graphic & Web Design =Yongamore Marketing

Welcome to YM Marketing Website!  
We are glad you decided to stop by.  YM Marketing is a registered South African  Company  which specialises in Event Management , Branding, Marketing and many more....
Our mission is to offer  ‘World Class’ services that assist our clients in growing  , developing and  managing their brand name .

If you are in the market for the very best services, Branding  ,Graphic  Design ,  Communication, Marketing .....the best thing is to get hold of our consultants.  We invest considerable amount of resources into providing services that fits today’s marketplace and we are eager to serve your corporate needs.

We always put our hearts and souls doing what we love (Marketing & Ads) and the effort is always rewarded to both parties, client is satisfied and our reward is in form of profit. Marketing your business is our speciality and interacting with our customers can influence our success/wealth. For your business start up venture, consult with us and we will be there with you every step of the way.  We always think ahead, stay ahead and strive to do our best to bring real value for money to our customers in the way we combine Marketing, P.R , Advertising and Branding.

This has made us a very vibrant and growing organisation. We understand the importance of a good brand name so you can trust  us  , our creative team  members can create a winning brand  image for you with unique, appealing and identifying marks. With us all things are possible no matter how hard a task can ever  be we always work even harder to do it well. With inspired and a well experienced creative team YM marketing guarantees you perfection in the way  we do:

  • Graphic Design
  • Internet Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Promotional Equipment
  • Communication ATL
  • Communication BTL
  • Below the line Advertising
  • Publications
We do all your advertisement below and above the line, we do Branding, all Graphic Designs, Project Management in marketing, Event Management, Road shows, Entertainment , Catering, Promotional Material, All your Printing requirements (etc).

We create and produce all your Marketing and Advertising requirements. We are dedicated to giving a helping hand to all our fellow entrepreneurs. We are here to give you guidance so you can have a (great) quality advertisement in your business weather it's big or small, we are there to strategize and execute all your Marketing needs.